Start writing English articles.
Published on Wed Nov 13 2019 08:13:00 GMT+0800

Why I am now starting writing my articles in English? It’s not hard to answer. I am studying Computer Science and as you know , Computer Science is a major that needs you to use English to code, share ideas. Besides that, the majority of the academic achievements are published or released in English . So, English skill is a basic requirement of studying Computer Science major.

So ,how could I promote my English skill? And how can I reach a level that I could write English articles fluently? I am now poor in English vocabulary and gramma, but it is not the worst. I’m living in a environment that have little opportunities to contact English. Reading English tutorials or development documents is so hard to me, which can slow down my studying to a great extent. I am now reading CSDN articles, search problems in Baidu, asking questions in ZHIHU and read tutorial books in Chinese version. Sometimes it may be comfortable to stay in a familiar language environment, but for me, it is far from my expectation .

So, today, from now on, I will try to write articles in English, reading more answers and tutorials in English, view technic sites like CNET and the Verge, ask or retrieve more questions in STACKOVERFLOW and GITHUB.

A starting of a great change is always difficult. But I am now ready to meet this challenge.

Published by MSFASR Foreign Language Research.

13th November,2019